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Massage for those living with cancer

Touch is vital to health and wellbeing, massage is a proven way to receive the benefits of touch when living with cancer. Massage can safely support you as you go through your treatment and the recovery process.

Specialising in comfort orientated massage, it is mindful and gentle enabling you to rest and relax.


Massage lessens the severity of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, making the treatment process more tolerable.


Working closely with you and your care team, Esmé is aware of the implications of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplants and any site restrictions due to medical devices.


Listening to your needs and adapting every treatment as required including duration of the session.



  * Improved sleep patterns

  * Reduced nausea

  * Reduced feeling of isolation

  * Less muscle tension

  * Reduced stress & anxiety levels

  * Increased sense of wellbeing

  * Increased energy levels


 Massage can be received at every stage of cancer treatment.

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